Maipenrai MC Vagabonds is a offspring of the mother charter Maipenrai MC Thailand (Est. 2004)! Nomads change to Vagabonds 13th May 2019!
Maipenrai MC Thailand & Maipenrai MC Vagabonds are an Independent Motorcycle Club and we claim no territory!
Maipenrai MC Vagabonds was established 13th September 2013. We are stationed North-East on the hemisphere and travel around and about in Norway and other countries on different happenings. The mutual thing we have in common is the Brotherhood, rides, bikes & partys - More or less what biker life gives us. 
Maipenrai MC Vagabonds is a active club with the throttle down and we are often out on the road and on many different bike weeks across the world!
Contact us? Info you will find on the member page.
Currently we are 12 Members and 2 Prospect and still growing.
We support our own only, but stay true to our friends!
See you all out there again, Somewhere - Sometime.





Best Regards,

Vagabonds Crew